We pay once a month... on or about the 15th of each month for the month prior.

Instructions on Setting up Arbiter Pay for the first time

The first step is to go to www.ArbiterPay.com and create a user account; wait 24
hours (has been quicker lately); you will be notified via email that your account is active.  

Second, sign into www.ArbiterPay.com, and go to "My profile" and then "Bank
Accounts". From here, you will need to have a your bank account number and
the routing number that relates to the bank account you prefer to receive
this deposit (you can get this info off the bottom of a check).

, under "My Profile" and then "My Preferences", choose modify and
change the first setting to "yes"; this will send you an email automatically
when GIHOA sends funds to your ArbiterPay account, THEN, key in your security
pin # and save the changes you just made.

Finally, sign into your Arbiter official account, choose the link for
"Payments", and then you will see a "ArbiterPay" link along the top.  Enter your
ArbiterPay account name, hit ENTER, next key in your security pin # and select
your GIHOA group.


If you have any questions or issues email Paul Dixon





















Updated: 06-Dec-2018 6:51 AM