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A Little Fun in the Snow!!

Chris Archambeault and Doug Yanessa getting a little ice time during Snowmagedon 2014.



A few important notes about USA Hockey's 2013-14 registration requirements

Starting this year:

• All officials will be required to wear a 1/2 shield visor, regardless of age or level.
• Background screening will move to every other year - not every third year - for all officials over 18, regardless of level.
• The Officiating Development Program and the Officiating Education Program are migrating this service to a new provider. The SE District may follow suit. When and if we have more details we'll share them.
• Any official who scores less than 35 on a Level 4 closed book exam will not be eligible for Level 3 status - only Level 1 or 2.
• All SE District staff, officials in the ODP and OEP programs, as well as those selected/wishing to work premier regional/national events (districts, nationals, USAH camps, NAPHL showcase tournaments, etc.) must complete the SafeSport online education program , regardless of their registration level.

Starting next year:

• Background screening (every other year) and completion of the SafeSport program will become mandatory and will be integrated into the actual (2014-15) USA Hockey registration process.
• Both will be an automatic requirement in order to complete your annual registration through USA Hockey.

If you have an interest in participating in any premier regional/national events, please let Bob Klein and me know (soon) so that we can make sure you receive the appropriate evaluations and recommendations early in the season.

The 2013-17 Rule Book and Case Book is now available here.

The rule-change summary is there as well. If you haven't yet reviewed them, you need to do so. There are not a lot, but they are significant.

A Little ACHA Fun

Name Plates

All USA Hockey Officials that are members of GIHOA are required to have their last name placed on the back of their jersey. You can order your own name plate through web sites such as , they can produce the name plate and sew it on for you.

It is extremely important that your name plate be sewn on in the correct location on the back of your jersey. This ensures uniformity of the appearance of all our Officials.

Click here for a picture of the proper location.

USA Hockey Rule Publications

The new USA hockey publications are out and can be downloaded using the links on the right of this page.

A link has been posted for the 2010-11 Open book Exam and answer key. Use this for study material prior to the seminar.


A significant rule change has been instituted.
Body Checking is illegal in the Pee Wee age bracket.
Body Contact is legal.
I ask you to watch the attached video several times before our seminars and your first Pee Wee game.
For some of you the difference between body contact and body checking is easy to identify.
For some it is more difficult.
Officials for Pee Wee games will be monitored and evaluated to ensure consistency from crew to crew.
Again, please view this video a few times.
Bob Klein
USA Hockey
State Supervisor

CLICK HERE to watch the Checking Video

2 Referees / 1 Linesmen

Here is a sheet to print out for a reminder on how the 2 referees and 1 linesmen system works.

2 referee/ 1 linesmen sheet

Direct Deposit

As previously discussed GIHOA is moving to Direct Deposit. July will be the beginning of the "Direct Deposit" program for GIHOA, all June game fees will be paid through Direct Deposit.

Payments to all GIHOA officials will be made through this program.

Here is how the program works.

GIHOA will transfer the payroll to REFPAY, once REFPAY gets and process the payroll, REFPAY will make the funds available to you. You will get an email directly from REFPAY confirming the availability of funds.

Funds are available in 3 forms to you. (you will make this choice when you register at REFPAY).

1. EFT = Electronic funds transfer to your bank account.

2. Debit card through REFPAY.

3. Hard copy check mailed to you (this will cost you 3.00)

What is your next step?

You need to register at click "sign up". (have your bank address, routing and account numbers with you)

We suggest you use your same logon and password as you use on Arbiter.

Once you have completed the 8 steps you will get two emails from REFPAY. The first will thank you for signing up with REFPAY, the second, 24 hours later, will confirm your registration is complete.

Once your registeration is complete, this will tie Arbiter and Refpay together. Sign onto Arbiter, click "payments" and look for the tab that says REFPAY.

Remember, the only way to get paid in the future by GIHOA is to register at REFPAY.

Click here for a 29 page PDF that will answer your questions about this program.

Questions about this process can be directed to Scott Sanders @ please do not overload him with questions until you have read the instructions.

Board of Director's meeting

Next meeting T.B.A.


GIHOA Advertisements Page

Have you ever wanted to sell ref or hockey gear but not had much success?

GIHOA has decided to offer a page on were you will finally be able to broadcast to an audience that has a higher interest in your gently used hockey equipment.

Introducing: GIHOA Advertisements (click here to check out what we have already.)

All you need to do is e-mail your ads to and we will take it from there. After we get a few ads we will post them on the webpage. Want to include a photo? Send your jpg file with your e-mail. Interested in selling something else or promoting your business? All ads are welcome.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Shon.


Interested In Becoming a Referee?

Interested in Becoming a Referee? All USA Hockey Officials are required to register as an official with USA Hockey, attend a USA Hockey instructional seminar, and pass an open book test every year to remain fully registered as a Referee.    Please contact Shon Huettl at




New Rule Change Documents

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10-11 Level 4 Answers

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