Wanna Be a Ref?

USA Hockey does NOT restrict the age at which someone can register as an official, but GIHOA cannot schedule anyone below the age of 16. We do however have a few members who are below that age and will grandfather their status as members in good standing as long as they continue to maintain their membership and USA Hockey registration status.

I wanna be a ref...

...Are you crazy? Why on earth would you want to be a referee in any sport?.  Have you listened to the radio and TV commentators criticize EVERY CALL that the official makes? You have to be insane.
Don’t get me wrong because I love the game of ice hockey and officiating in this sport can be a very rewarding career or avocation. The bottom line is that I am glad that I made the decision to begin my officiating career more than 30 years ago.   It has made me a better person, a better employee, a better instructor and facilitator.  It has helped me maintain a very active and healthy lifestyle and allowed me to build a group of friends that I can count on to help if needed.  
Now that I have you all excited to begin your officiating career, I want you to understand that the majority of people who make that decision to join the ranks of registered USA Hockey officials never make it through the first year and return for a second season. The demand for quality officiating services is growing steadily but I want you to start this process with a realistic assessment of your chances of success.

The economics of officiating

USA Hockey’s 2016-17 Registration Report says that there are 25,768 registered officials.  In Georgia, there are close to 200 registered officials and within the Georgia Ice Hockey Officials Association (GIHOA), 25% of their members work less than 10 games a year.  
Think about it? Ten (10) games officiated at the cross-ice, mite, or Squirt levels will not recoup the investment required to complete registration and be ready to step on the ice with the proper uniform and gear.  And, that doesn’t take into consideration your time and transportation cost.  You will have to invest between $200 - $300 dollars, not including skates, just to “get ready” to step on the ice.  
USA Hockey does NOT restrict the age at which someone can register as an official, but GIHOA cannot schedule anyone below the age of 16.

Who gets the most games?

The officials who work the most games are those who have become what I like to call a “low maintenance official.”  The low maintenance official is someone who has the knowledge, experience, and skill (both mental and physical) to create a fair, fun and safe environment on the ice.  These are officials who are available to work when and where the most games are being played.  The low maintenance official is not ego driven or feels that they are entitled to games just because they completed registration or attained a high certification level.  They are the ones that have learned to manage a tough game and enjoy the ride.  These officials willing to work at all levels including cross-ice mites.
Since most of the games occur during travel weekends, be aware that if you are a travel hockey and/or High School hockey player and only become available in April, your chances of getting games are very low and, It will be nearly impossible to recoup your investment.   

Are you ready to join the ranks as a USA Hockey official?  

I did and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Just be aware the barriers to entry are steep and your chances of success are slim.  If you choose to proceed, I look forward to seeing you on the ice or at the rink.  

To Your Success,
Jim Hogan
GIHOA Board Member, Secretary
USA Hockey Official since 1983

Big News - KSU Hockey Returns to GIHOA for 2017-18 Season

KSU Ice Hockey Club returns to GIHOA for 2017-18 Season
Following a meeting today with KSU Ice Hockey Club’s President, Wes Davis, and Vice President, Tristan Gagner, the GIHOA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that KSU Ice Hockey is returning to the Georgia Ice Hockey Officials Association to officiate their 2017-18 season. Kennesaw State University Ice Hockey Club, is part of the ACHA Division III and will continue to play their home games at the IceForum in Kennesaw.

“GIHOA has worked hard to create a high-quality officiating experience and proud to have KSU recognize that and return to us as a client.” Says Kurt Totten, President of the Georgia Ice Hockey Officials Association. Other ACHA Teams which use GIHOA officials include Vanderbilt University, University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Alabama, Lipscomb University, Florida State University, University of Alabama-Birmingham and Auburn University.
You can find additional information on KSU Ice Hockey at http://KSUIceHockey.com
For more information about GIHOA email Hogan@GIHOA.net
Follow GIHOA on twitter https://twitter.com/GIHOA96

Thank you,

Atlanta Area USA Hockey Seminars for 2017-18 Season

Check the Seminars page for a list of locations and dates for upcoming seminars.



Rule Change Summary for 2017-2021 seasons

Click here to see the rule changes that were adopted for the 2017-2021 seasons.

New GIHOA Board for 2017-18 Season

At the elections last week, the following people were elected into these positions effective June 1st:
President - Kurt Totten
Vice President - Brian Cole
Treasurer - Paul Dixon
Secretary - Jim Hogan
Director of Training and Develpment - Matt Savino
Director of Personnel - Steven Waugh

Brian, Jim, and Steve are new to the board and we are excited to have them join us.  Retiring from the board are Shon Huettl, Scott Sanders, and Scott Eichenberger.  These gentlemen have put in countless hours into GIHOA and we thank them for their time and effort.  Scott Sanders spent a tremendous amount of time over the years to streamline processes, including going from an old check writing and mailing payroll system to the automatic direct deposit program we have now.  They are all still very much active officials in GIHOA.

The Board and Leadership Team are working on several growth initiatives, and as we are preparing for the upcoming season there will be announcements regarding new opportunities, seminars, etc.



Proposed Rule Changes for USA Hockey

Here is an article that talks about some of the proposed rule changes for USA Hockey for next year as well as some that were submitted and have been dismissed.



GIHOA is now on Facebook

Check out the new GIHOA Facebook page at the link below.


Arbiter Sports Mobile App

ArbiterSports now has a true mobile application. If you go to this link you can select the following:
Mobile application subscription rates:
1 year $7.95, 2 years $6.95, 3 years $5.95.

Arbiter Mobile Access
Get last minute assignments and accept them from anywhere through your smart phone. See game schedules and site addresses, view and accept games, update your availability, see game-day weather forecasts and even find phone numbers and addresses of your contacts, partners and assigners—all from your mobile device.

** Note the application is free to download, the cost is the subscription to Arbiter for the mobile access **


Name Plates

All USA Hockey Officials that are members of GIHOA are required to have their last name placed on the back of their jersey. You can order your own name plate through web sites such as http://www.refcloset.com , they can produce the name plate and sew it on for you.

It is extremely important that your name plate be sewn on in the correct location on the back of your jersey. This ensures uniformity of the appearance of all our Officials.

Click here for a picture of the proper location.


Interested In Becoming a Referee?

Interested in Becoming a Referee? All USA Hockey Officials are required to register as an official with USA Hockey, attend a USA Hockey instructional seminar, and pass an open book test every year to remain fully registered as a Referee.    Please contact Scott Eichenberger at eichenberger@gihoa.net



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