Proposed Rule Changes for USA Hockey

Here is an article that talks about some of the proposed rule changes for USA Hockey for next year as well as some that were submitted and have been dismissed.


GIHOA is now on Facebook

Check out the new GIHOA Facebook page at the link below.

Arbiter Sports Mobile App

ArbiterSports now has a true mobile application. If you go to this link you can select the following:
Mobile application subscription rates:
1 year $7.95, 2 years $6.95, 3 years $5.95.

Arbiter Mobile Access
Get last minute assignments and accept them from anywhere through your smart phone. See game schedules and site addresses, view and accept games, update your availability, see game-day weather forecasts and even find phone numbers and addresses of your contacts, partners and assigners—all from your mobile device.

** Note the application is free to download, the cost is the subscription to Arbiter for the mobile access **


Name Plates

All USA Hockey Officials that are members of GIHOA are required to have their last name placed on the back of their jersey. You can order your own name plate through web sites such as , they can produce the name plate and sew it on for you.

It is extremely important that your name plate be sewn on in the correct location on the back of your jersey. This ensures uniformity of the appearance of all our Officials.

Click here for a picture of the proper location.


Interested In Becoming a Referee?

Interested in Becoming a Referee? All USA Hockey Officials are required to register as an official with USA Hockey, attend a USA Hockey instructional seminar, and pass an open book test every year to remain fully registered as a Referee.    Please contact Scott Eichenberger at



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