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USA Hockey Seminar and Registration information

The GIHOA Board and Leadership team hope that you are enjoying your summer. The new hockey season is right around the corner so we wanted to make sure you are aware of a few things.

Please mark your calendar. There will be two Seminars offered in Georgia for Level 1, 2 & 3. The first will be on Saturday, August 22nd and the second will be on Saturday, September 26th. For Level 1, both will take place at Center Ice Arena in Sandy Springs.  For Levels 2 & 3 both will take place at the Med Assets building in Alpharetta.  All seminars will run from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. There will be only one Level 4 Seminar offered in Georgia. That will take place on Sunday, August 23rd. This will also take place at the Med Assets building in Alpharetta with the skating test taking place at Center Ice. The skating test and seminar will run from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m 

The following is very important and includes a change in the registration process for USA Hockey membership and attending a Seminar. Registration for the 2015/2016 season opens up on Monday, August 3rd. New starting with the upcoming season, when registration opens on August 3, 2015, you MUST register with USA Hockey (which includes paying) BEFORE you will be allowed to register for a seminar. This means any Official that wants to attend our first seminar on August 22nd, will have only 19 days to register with USA Hockey and then register for that Seminar. You will no longer be allowed to wait until after the Seminar to register with USA Hockey.

As you prepare for the new season remember that all Officials will continue to be required to wear a half shield and all GIHOA Officials will be required to have a name plate.

All the information you need regarding the upcoming season including registration, attending a seminar, SafeSport, the open book online test, and the online curriculum can be found by going to and clicking on the Officials section. You can also find additional information by clicking on the Seminars section of this web site. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to a member of the Board or Leadership team.


2015/16 Board of Directors

On May 2nd the elections for the 2015/2016 GIHOA Board took place.  The results are in. Thank you to the following individuals for their willingness to serve as voting members of the association's board.

·       Richard Kuerston - President 
·       Shon Huettl - Vice President
·       Phil Floor - Secretary
·       Scott Sanders - Treasurer 
·       Scott Eichenberger - Director of Personnel 
·       Steven LoCicero - Director of Training 

In addition, the following members have been appointed to an advisory committee with individual members responsible for specific areas and activities. Along with the board, this group of nonvoting leaders will form an expanded GIHOA leadership team. Thank you very much to these individuals for their willingness to strengthen the depth of the organization's leadership team.

·       Brian Cole - Men's League/IFA Relations 
·       Paul Dixon - Management of Game Reports
·       Bob Klein - Past President and State Supervisor
·       Mike Parsons - At Large Representation of the Membership 
·       Matt Savino - Seminar Coordination 
·       Kurt Totten - GIHOA Scheduler and Past President 
·       Chip Tyson - Past President and Men's League/IFA Relations
·       Rich Tyson - Development of the Scheduling System


Name Plates

All USA Hockey Officials that are members of GIHOA are required to have their last name placed on the back of their jersey. You can order your own name plate through web sites such as , they can produce the name plate and sew it on for you.

It is extremely important that your name plate be sewn on in the correct location on the back of your jersey. This ensures uniformity of the appearance of all our Officials.

Click here for a picture of the proper location.

USA Hockey Rule Publications

The new USA hockey publications are out and can be downloaded using the links on the right of this page.



A significant rule change has been instituted.
Body Checking is illegal in the Pee Wee age bracket.
Body Contact is legal.
I ask you to watch the attached video several times before our seminars and your first Pee Wee game.
For some of you the difference between body contact and body checking is easy to identify.
For some it is more difficult.
Officials for Pee Wee games will be monitored and evaluated to ensure consistency from crew to crew.
Again, please view this video a few times.
Bob Klein
USA Hockey
State Supervisor

CLICK HERE to watch the Checking Video

2 Referees / 1 Linesmen

Here is a sheet to print out for a reminder on how the 2 referees and 1 linesmen system works.

2 referee/ 1 linesmen sheet

Direct Deposit

As previously discussed GIHOA is moving to Direct Deposit. July will be the beginning of the "Direct Deposit" program for GIHOA, all June game fees will be paid through Direct Deposit.

Payments to all GIHOA officials will be made through this program.

Here is how the program works.

GIHOA will transfer the payroll to REFPAY, once REFPAY gets and process the payroll, REFPAY will make the funds available to you. You will get an email directly from REFPAY confirming the availability of funds.

Funds are available in 3 forms to you. (you will make this choice when you register at REFPAY).

1. EFT = Electronic funds transfer to your bank account.

2. Debit card through REFPAY.

3. Hard copy check mailed to you (this will cost you 3.00)

What is your next step?

You need to register at click "sign up". (have your bank address, routing and account numbers with you)

We suggest you use your same logon and password as you use on Arbiter.

Once you have completed the 8 steps you will get two emails from REFPAY. The first will thank you for signing up with REFPAY, the second, 24 hours later, will confirm your registration is complete.

Once your registeration is complete, this will tie Arbiter and Refpay together. Sign onto Arbiter, click "payments" and look for the tab that says REFPAY.

Remember, the only way to get paid in the future by GIHOA is to register at REFPAY.

Click here for a 29 page PDF that will answer your questions about this program.

Questions about this process can be directed to Scott Sanders @ please do not overload him with questions until you have read the instructions.

Interested In Becoming a Referee?

Interested in Becoming a Referee? All USA Hockey Officials are required to register as an official with USA Hockey, attend a USA Hockey instructional seminar, and pass an open book test every year to remain fully registered as a Referee.    Please contact Scott Eichenberger at




New Rule Change Documents

2013-17 Rule Change Summary

2013-17 USA Hockey Rules

2013-17 USA Hockey Casebook

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2013-14 Level 3 Study Guide

2014-15 Level 2 Closed book Exam

2014-15 Level 3 Closed book exam

2014-15 Level 4 Closed book exam

2014-15 Open book exam

13-14 Level 4 Exam

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Level 4 Skating Test

Men's League and ACHA Game Report form

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